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JGC Corporation was established on 25 October 1928 with a capital of 10 million yen, the office location was at Uchisaiwai-cho, Koji-machi, in Tokyo.

JGC Corporation started to enter the foreign market in the early 60’s, and succeeded to become a global contractor by 1965 after awarding the refinery projects in Peru, Argentina, and Venezuela. These projects, no doubt, were highly evaluated by industry as significant pioneering achievements.

At the same year of 1965, the company office in Seoul, Korea was opened and became their first overseas operation based. Sooner than expected, the business extended to enter markets in China and Southeast Asia, in addition to South America, as well as in North Africa and Eastern Europe. And the company keeps expanded into diverse fields of business and continued to grow with the establishment of additional offices and local affiliates abroad that serve to develop a global network and enhance the organization to undertake foreign projects. And JGC Construction International (JCON) is one of them.

Today, the Company has developed into a globally recognized world-leading engineering contractor operated in 4 continents in 21 countries. JGC is currently one of the four largest specialists in LNG projects, well-positioned to respond to increased demands for natural gas projects. To remain a leading engineering contractor in the world, the Company must persist in expanding business domains in accordance with the strategic middle-term business plan. It is also imperative to honor the goals of "Engineering for the Quality of Human Life".

The JGC Group consists of:

  • the main company, which provides a wide range of services in the planning, design engineering, construction, and commissioning of various kinds of plants and facilities,

  • Overseas Offices and affiliated companies in Japan and abroad; giving equipment procurement services, and the provision of the inspection and maintenance services incident to the construction and running of such plants and facilities, the manufacture and sale of catalysts and other chemical products, and IT-related services.

JGC Corporation is working on sustainable and clean energy through technology development. These are the major challenges that JGC, as an engineering company, is concerned with as it works to envision the energy environment of the future. Through research laboratories, JGC will develop the technology capabilities to pursuit continues realization of environmentally-friendly clean energy.


The petroleum industry has played an important role in the evolution of the 20th century’s industries and economics around the globe. JGC maintains a high level of awareness of the market environment surrounding the petroleum industry. Such as, nowadays the use of heavier crude oils as feed stock is growing but it is important to remember that trends for petroleum products changed. JGC is cultivating a future for the world’s petroleum industries.


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